Bradley T. Baker


Peer-Reviewed Publications

Baker, B., et al. "Decentralized temporal independent component analysis: Leveraging fMRI data in collaborative settings." NeuroImage 186 (2019): 557-569.

Gazula, H., Baker, B. et al. "Decentralized Analysis of Brain Imaging Data: Voxel-based Morphometry and Dynamic Functional Network Connectivity." Frontiers in Neuroinformatics 12 (2018): 55.

Baker, B., Silva, R., Sarwate A., Plis, S., Calhoun, V. (2015) "Large Scale Collaboration with autonomy: a case of distributed ICA"
Accepted to IEEE:MLSP 2015

Imtiaz, H., Sarwate A., Baker B., Silva R., Plis S., Calhoun V. (2016) “Privacy-preserving source separation for distributed data using independent component analysis”
Accepted to CISS 2016

Conference Posters

Gazula, H., Baker B., et al. (2019) “Decentralized Analysis of Brain Imaging Data: A Status Update on COINSTAC” Presented at ACNN 2019. Awarded Top 3 posters for ACNN 2019.

Baker B., et al. (2019) “Decentralized Dynamic Functional Network Connectivity: Collaborative Neuroimaging via Decentralized ICA and Clustering” (Lightning Talk). Presented at UNM 15th Annual CS Student Conference 2019. Awarded winner for lightning talk.

Baker B., et al (2019) “Dynamic Connectivity in Deep Neural Networks” (Oral Presentation of Research) Presented at UNM 2019 STEM Research Symposium.


Baker, B. (2016) “djICA: A New Algorithm for Decentralized Independent Component Analysis”

Baker, B. (2016) “Belief, Construction, and Language: Philosophical Lenses on Issues of Understanding and Cognition in Mathematics”

Areas of Interest/Ongoing Research

GANs for Automated Exploit & Patch Generation* (GitHub link)

Decentralized/Privacy-Sensitive Machine Learning*(GitHub link)

Using Deep Learning for Neurological Data Analysis*

Deep Learning for Privacy Sensitive Applications

Information Ethics* and the Philosophy of Privacy

Using Machine Learning to Model Complex Systems*

Mathematics and Deleuzian Rhizomatics*

* - indicates an area with an ongoing/submitted publication.
Draft manuscripts may be available depending on the publication venue/ date of submission/acceptance.
Contact bbaker (at) for more information.

Other Areas of Interest

Image Segmentation and Object Detection, Philosophy of Mathematics, Political Philosophy, Multi-Modal Data Analysis